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  • » We have analyzed and checked the documents of the client;
  • » We have forwarded the documentation to insurance companies or banks;
  • » We follow the development of the examination of boundary with the insurer, together with the insurance broker, banks and the credit limit to be achieved;
  • » We note that the classification established for the insured: Class A, B, C or D;
  • » Please be advised by mail the limit is valid for one year;
  • » We have forwarded the contract Counter - Guarantee between the company and the insurer;
    » Registered the company into two or more entities;
  • » We reviewed the contracts / orders / notices, ex.; Supplier / service provider X Assembler, and provide the feasibility of issuing alice with the broker (in the case of insurance) or the Bank (in the case of bail);
  • » Monitoring and assessing the policy and letter of guarantee, so there are no setbacks,
    delivering it to the customer or broker or insurance;
  • » We follow the schedule of the application of the policy or bond, and if necessary, with the permission of
    insured, we make endorsements and extensions (via the broker);
  • » Finishing up the insurance or surety, subject of this contract, we will follow the return of these
    documents with the insurance, either through the broker or directly, with the Bank for
    and relocation of lower limits.

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