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» Broker
We offer consultancy and, in order to be able to minimize together the costs for the client and speed up the registration and the issues of policies, if you have any doubt, please send us an e-mail, or call Will - (11) 3256-1133

» Construction Companies
Guarantees your construction, making your sales easier, contracting and spreading that your construction work has a Insurance Guarantee.

You will also be able to obtain cheaper financings, by showing the Insurance policy.

Imagine the purchaser of your real estate, having a warranty that your apartment will be handed over, within the terms, and that you have an insurance company as an endorser.

Real Estate Warranties
Elaborated in modules, it meets the necessities of each of the parties involved in a real estate contract. The coverages are the following:

Module A - Redemption and Quality Warranty:
Guarantees the Purchaser the handing over of the real estate with the specification of quality and the contracted terms with the Constructor or the Incorporator. Guarantees as well additional costos due to non-compliance by the Constructor / Incorporator with respect to the obligations established in the purchase contracts, of sale or exchange of the real estate in question.

Module B - Constructor's Public Liability:
Guarantees compensation for material and/or personal damages, caused to third parties, as a consequence of the construction work of the property or the individuals or corporate persons who are exercising an activity within the perimeter of the construction work, under the responsibility of the insured Constructor, in case they may be considered responsible.

Module C - Engineering Risks:
Guarantees the Constructor the identification of the damages he may suffer due to accidents occurred during the execution of the civil works, in the installation and assembly of construction machines and equipments and the accidental and sudden failure of production equipments.

Module D - Physical Damages on Real Estate:
Guarantees the compensation payment in cases of damages on the property due to fire, explosion, collapse, flooding or unroofings, during the construction and financing period.

Module E - Life and Permanent Disability:
Guarantee as the compensation payment in the value of the debit balance of the property in case of death or permanent disability of the Purchaser.

Module F - Temporary Disability:
Guarantees the payment of up to 12 installments of the financing, in case of temporary disability which hinders the Purchaser of exercising a professional activity declared in the contract of property purchase.

Module G - Credit of the Purchaser and the Potential Purchasers:
Guarantees the Constructor and / or Incorporator the compensation corresponding to the non-compliance by the Purchaser with the payments envisaged in the property financing. Advances for the Constructor or Incorporator the value of the overdue instalments not paid, until the property is resold or the Purchaser substituted.

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