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Insurance Risk Engineering

Seguro de Risco de EngenhariaInsurance Risk Engineering ensures the manufacturer to cover for the damage it would suffer as a result of accidents (sudden and unexpected event) occurred during the execution of civil works, installation and assembly of machinery and equipment, and accidental breakage and sudden production equipment.

In general serves as a component of economic support, providing financial security for investment.

There are several methods for the recruitment of this class of insurance, according to the nature of the risks:

Works Civil Construction (OCC) - the manufacturer seek refuge from the risk of damage or destruction of works of civil engineering, equipment and / or machines used in construction during the work and, if hired, the maintenance period.

Installation and Assembly (IM) - seek refuge companies automakers, builders or owners of property in any kind of industry against the risk of any accidents which may result in damage or destruction of assemblies and equipment (machinery, plant, steel structures of any nature, etc..) throughout the period of assembly and testing and, if hired, the maintenance period.

Works Civil Construction and Installation and Assembly (OCC / IM).

Broken machines (QM) - offers protection against damage caused by internal failures or external injuries on any type of machine in normal operation.

Electronic Equipment (EE) - method of breaking the machinery for specific electronic equipment (low voltage), offers protection against all risks of internal damage and the internal electronic and computer facilities for the procedures above are several additional guarantees.


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