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We have in our structure of associated services, the legal department (contract analysis), engineering (inspections, studies, try-out), and the economic (and financial accounting).

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We have analyzed and checked the documents of the client; We have forwarded the documentation to insurance companies or banks. Learn [+]

Broker Carriço

Corretora Carriço

The Brokerage Carriço is a company with extensive experience in the market in which it operates. Learn [+]

Surety Bond

Seguro Garantia

A Surety Bond is a three-party agreement by which the Surety binds itself to discharge the contracted obligations of a principal, to an oblige, should that the principal fail to fulfill their obligations.

The SURETY BOND, in Brazil, is used by federal agencies, state, municipal, private and public, which should require guarantees the maintenance of supply (for competition) and the faithful fulfillment of contracts. More [+]


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