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For the BNDES to pay an amount for financing, it requires a warranty from the policy holder. The warranty with a lower cost and which does not affect the policy holder's credit line in relation to the banks, is the Insurance Guarantee, which the BNDES accepts.

» Encol
The purchasers of real estate enterprises, who required the Insurance Guarantee by the construction company, have been compensated with approximately R$ 45 million, due to the bankruptcy of this construction company.

» Constructions
There is a law pending its being passed by the Senate, according to which in any real estate entreprise the Insurance Guarantee will be compulsory. The Caixa Econômica Federal has been requiring this Insurance for many years now.

» Assembly Plants
The majority of the assembly plants uses the Insurance Guarantee, because apart from meaning a lower cost for its supplier, together with the assembly plant, the Insurance Company establishes a partnership for the selection of a new supplier and assumes the additional expenses including the price difference of this new supplier with respect to the former non-complying supplier.

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