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Warranty Insurance - Advantages

» Effectiveness
In the resolution of disagreements between the contractor (insured) and contracted (the borrower). The insurer, as an interested party, will provide its advice to the parties, including being able to call yourself, if convenience to the contractor (insured), the termination or the execution, noted the failure, to pay the damage.

» Liquidity
Insurance system administered by the IRB - Brazil Reinsurance S / A - turns every guarantor of the insurance industry in excess of the technical limit of the Insurer.

» Cost
Reconciled with expectations, in that by having the lowest market price and the release of the financial blockade that allows the Surety ultimately lower the cost of the contract.

» And more
Compared to bank guarantees, the Surety has other benefits:

» The cost of the oscillation is independent of interest rates in the financial market;
» His time came automatically to the contract, while the letters of credit are annual renewal and renegotiation of rates depends on;
» Banks generally require reciprocity, as other insurance, wage bill, tax collection, applications, etc.., Ie, the final cost of the guarantee is much higher;
» The values ​​of bank guarantees are deducted from the company's credit limit, set by the bank. The limits for Warranty Insurance are additional.


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